Oystercat is a stunning blue hulled Blyth 33 (10m) Workcat fitted with twin Iveco 330hp diesel engines, so is fast, and can cruise at 21 knots.  Oystercat is equipped with high rails all round plus safety equipment for 12 anglers plus skipper & crew, though we often go out with fewer on-board. 


There is plenty of room for anglers as you can spread right round the wheelhouse.  On the drift everyone can fish one side and the stern. The boat stays steady in a sea and the covered area can accommodate most anglers on board. Inside the galley we have a heated hob, cups and cutlery; so hot drinks and snacks can be made available. Other facilities include a toilet, bait tanks.


Trips on the Oystercat incur a cost to the club for the fuel used and boat overheads. The cost of the trip depends on the total distance travelled, rather than the duration of the trip.
Typically a trip in Swansea Bay would incur costs of £120, a trip to Oxwich would incur costs around £150, whereas a Lundy trip would incur costs of £380 or more.
On each trip, the members onboard donate to the club towards these costs.


Mumbles Belle

Mumbles Belle started life in 1992 as a totally enclosed and unsinkable Norse 7.52m lifeboat on an oil-rig in the North Sea. She had never been used when the Club acquired her.

The lifeboat came complete with compass, sea anchor, ropes and other equipment.  
It has a beam of 2,82m, a draft of 1m, a 29hp Lister diesel engine, 35 gallon fuel tank and is constructed in fire resistant GRP.

A small team of members converted the lifeboat to the fishing boat it is today. 

The Belle is a slow plodder and fishes within the Bay.

The costs incurred on the Mumbles Belle are lower than the Oystercat, so members are asked to contribute £10 plus a few pounds for the fuel used.
Typical donations for a trip on the Belle are £12 per person.

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Boat Fishing

We own two fishing boats based in Swansea Marina for exclusive use by club members.

Booking a fishing trip

The best way to book or request fishing on either boat is to use the online booking form below.



Alternatively come down to our Thursday night meetings at the Swansea Yacht & Sub Aqua Club on the marina. 
You will then see what is on offer, have a chat with the skippers and can put your name on the booking chart for a trip that already has a skipper or request a fishing trip on a date that may not yet have a designated skipper.